It isn't easy to #VixYourLife, but it's always worth it! Join me on my journey: 
Vix in the City is the lifestyle blog run by Victoria "Vix" Reitano. Vix is the CEO and lead consultant at CreatiVix Media, but this blog isn't about branding or digital tips.

This blog is her outlet, her content portal, her way of telling you the real, real. Life is messy, it's complicated and it's best served raw and fresh. 

Vixing your life is a concept her friends created. Everyone needs a #VixFix -- in their lives & in their businesses. If you need a Digital #VixFix, head over to the resources section of CreatiVix Media by clicking here

If you're here for the real, raw story of a 20-something New Yorker building a life she loves in the heart of Manhattan, click here.

We're not just our business or our community or our culture -- humans are more than that. We're made up of so many things and I (Vix) want to take you on my journey with me. 

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