5 Ways to Bury Fear This Month

February. Flip some letters around and you get one of my favorite mantras -- Bury Fear. It is a short month but that doesn’t mean you get to give in. It’s a chance to recharge, renew your commitments and head into quarter 2 strong. Here are 5 ways to make your dreams come true this month (and for the rest of the year!).


Looking Fly in my Felix Grays: A Must-Have for Millennials

Do you have frown lines from looking at your device? Do you feel like you’re constantly squinting to look at your computer at work, your phone on your community and your iPad at home? Felix Gray developed a pair of chic glasses that reduce the glare and blue light emitted by devices and they are helping me daily. Learn more and see if they’re for you!

Monthly Training Courses: Facebook Fundamentals

Do you feel overwhelmed by social media? Feel like your Facebook posts aren't getting anywhere?

My newest offering is a monthly webinar with me, Vix. The Founder and CEO of CreatiVix Media and a Social Media and Content Strategy Expert. I help brands, entrepreneurs, content creators, experts and celebrities create digital strategies that stick! I've helped clients grow their Instagram by 1000 people each month and have helped others consistently reach over 1 million people per day on Facebook. I've used Twitter to get myself booked as a guest on the TODAY show and now, I'm sharing all of these strategies in a live group session each month, starting with Facebook on February 15, 2017.

Digital Activism: 6 Things to Consider Before You Share

Millennials trust user generated content 50% more than any other type of media. This means that they’re having conversations with their peers daily, online about what they do, and do not, agree with, purchase and more. How do you do this and stay employed? How do you do this without offending anyone? I’m offering 5 ways to help you navigate this interesting phenomenon.