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3 Lessons Learned from a Month in an Instagram Pod

3 Lessons Learned from a Month in an Instagram Pod

Instagram Pods are a great way to increase your organic engagement. They’re hosted in the direct message section of your Instagram account and can be created quickly and easily by finding like-minded individuals and committing to comment and like a certain number of each other’s posts on a weekly or daily basis.

Lesson 1: Find the Right Pod

How do you find the Instagram Pod for you? Many Facebook groups are hosting threads for individuals looking for Instagram Pods, that’s actually how I found the two I joined, and it is a great way to connect with new online entrepreneurs, bloggers and experts.

The downside to finding a group this way is that the users might be more engaged on Facebook than on Instagram. My #VixFix for this? Find users ON Instagram who are active and aligned with your brand. Send them a DM and ask if they’d like to create a pod. You can always add new people to a pod once it has been created so it’s something that can continue to evolve.

Lesson 2: Do the Work

After that, make sure you do the work! It’s really important to show up daily for this group. I think liking is a sufficient form of engagement, but some people want comments and shares. Talk about this before you commit and decide what’s right for your brand.

Lesson 3: Are we Truly Aligned?

As someone who fits into many buckets of an online business, lifestyle blogger and fempreneur, I find that there are many groups and pods that I can join. But do they all truly serve my future goals and align with my brand? This, again, is an evolving process. Sometimes you can fit together for a month or 3 but then your brand can change and grow. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it does mean you need to evaluate your commitment as you move forward.

How do you find networking groups online that work for your brand? Share your thoughts with me in the comments!

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