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5 Apps Every Freelancer Needs to Know About

5 Apps Every Freelancer Needs to Know About

Freelancing is a great way to pay down debt, build a savings cushion and make new contacts. It's also a great way to build a business while you keep a full-time gig to pay the bills. There are many, many positive aspects of doing this type of work, but there are also many balls in the air at once. 

How do you make sure you're invoicing on a schedule that keeps your cash flow up? How do you make sure you're tracking your time to determine where you may be losing hours or where you should be putting your efforts? What about hosting a client for meetings? 

These five apps solve some pain points new entrepreneurs and full-time freelancers face in the first months of "taking the leap." 

Harvest: A time and expense tracker that has an amazing mobile app and allows you to fully customize your invoices. The best part of Harvest? With a few clicks, you're able to take payments ONLINE... no coding knowledge (or even, a website!) required. And the recurring invoices are pretty great as well. If you're looking for some more options, Time Doctor has a great list here

Click here to try Harvest.

Breather: Need to host a client or networking event? Breather has great spaces for this, all over major cities and you can rent these rooms by the hour. The best part is that the rooms come with furniture and some even have desks, tables and whiteboards.

Click here to try Breather.

Working Nomads: A great place to find gigs on contract and work from home. When you're starting a side-hustle or if you have a few side hustles that equal a full-time salary, it's important to have flexibility. Working Nomads is also great for anyone looking to travel while working. 

Click here to try Working Nomads. 

Box.com or Google Drive: Building a filing system for client projects, business docs and tax write-offs from DAY 1 is essential. I like box.com because it's great for video files and if you're a creative, it's nice to have a place to house client archives. Google Drive is great if you don't have a budget for this service. 

Click here to try Box.com. 

Schedugr.am: Instagram is a powerful marketing tool. Having the ability to schedule Instagram photos is something that every freelancer can use. If you’re a photographer, you can schedule client work, if you’re an expert, you can schedule tips and tricks, if you’re a blogger, you can schedule images related to new blog content.

Click here to try Schedugr.am.

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