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5 Ways to Be a Disruptive Entrepreneur

5 Ways to Be a Disruptive Entrepreneur

Be Different. Be Bold. Be You. Just Do It.

Brands use influencers to convey this message and, sometimes, it seems like influencers are all checking off some grand to-do list on the journey that is life.


So, damn boring.

I’ve been disruptive since the day I, Victoria Reitano, would be the only little girl at lunch NOT eating a sandwich at preschool lunch and I wasn’t eating that damn yogart, either (spoiler alert, I’m a celiac with lactose intolerance SOOOO I guess 4 year old me WAS smarter than the teacher). All jokes aside, being disruptive is that simple -- disrupting the status quo, doing something you truly enjoy not because you should but because you are inspired to.

Inspiration is one of those buzzwords that is currently dominating the digital conversation (and no, that is not an #alternativefact) which means it can feel like another example of following the pack or you can feel some extreme pressure to have every, single thing you do be something that you were inspired to created.

Bottom Line: We all have to pay the bills but isn’t it better to do that while being inspired? Yes, yes it is. BUT that doesn’t mean EVERY single thing you do will be original and inspiring. So how do you fill your inspiration cup when you’ve also got to fill your actual cup (and belly!)? You find ways to be an entrepreneur that work for you.

Side Hustle It

Being an entrepreneur means having multiple streams of income. That is something any successful entrepreneur will tell you. And exchanging time for dollars can only get you SO far so it is important to find other ways to make money and ways to grow your money. The most effective side hustles don’t require you to be in-person as that limits the amount of hours you can work and also, your creative abilities. Think about passive income opportunities and ways to use your skills in a new, creative way that IS inspiring to you, even if your full-time gig isn’t. Sometimes, when YOU are calling the shots and driving the direction, you’ll get a jolt of inspiration that will help you revive your love for your chosen field.

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Put a New Spin on It -- Give it the ‘Vix’ Treatment

I’ve always chosen to flip my perspective when I’m bored and see things from the other side. Whether it’s from someone else’s point-of-view or trying to imagine what an ideal consumer of the project, content or idea I’m working on would do on a daily basis, this exercise has always helped me battle writer’s block. As an entrepreneur, this tactic can help you create something new based on a market demand or a pain point. Most often, entrepreneurs are trying to find what’s missing in the market, but what about looking at what’s being most stressed by the market? Maybe it’s offering an alternative service or a combined service or training… or maybe it’s just about breaking down what’s not working to find a solution.

Work it Out

Networking is a great way to get out of your own head. Working out accomplishes the same goal. My favorite trend that’s been on the books for a while is sweatworking… but, of course, I’ve got a Vix for that -- my fix is to actually workout and THEN schedule coffee to learn more about someone. No talk of business, yet. Make the commitment to buy a 3-pack of classes or just to meet for 3 different classes and schedule them in advance. Bring one person from your network to this and have all of your other contacts bring one person with them too. After the three meetings, schedule a more formal get together to only discuss business. By this time, you’ll have such a good sense of what this group provides, and needs, that you’ll be able to put your best foot forward and walk away with true, lasting results.

Just Say No

If you hate doing something, stop doing it. If you have to keep doing it because it’s the only thing that brings in money, start a blog. Start an Instagram, start coloring. Do ONE thing every day for yourself and your creativity. And say no to at least one thing per day that makes you feel completely trained. Stop reacting to the things you should do and start being proactive about the things you like to do. Also, it’s perfectly fine if the thing you want to do is sit on a bench, alone with coffee. Meditation is also a great tool for this part of the exercise. As an entrepreneur, this will allow you to know what to accept and release in your business, which is vitally important for your growth.

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Make a Skills List

As an entrepreneur or solopreneur, you often think about the skills and services you will offer customers. You may start with 2 or 3 main services and then, due to market demands, grow to 5 or 8 and so on and so forth. Do the same thing for your personal skill set. If you started side hustling or building a business based on the skill you’ve worked on for most of your career, think about 3-5 skills that are adjacent to that skill and see if you have an interest in any of that. Seek out mentors who do this as a full-time job and who actually seem to enjoy it. Offer a secondary business based on these services or see if there are ways for you to freelance in this field. If it’s a new product line, test it out with some friends who would be willing to give you honest feedback for free to avoid a high-risk scenario. Their payment will be a review and promotion when you’re ready to go live to the public.

All of these tactics will help you create new opportunities for yourself and revive your business when you’re in an #InspoRut.

PS: One way I personally find Inspiration is with Almost30Podcast. It’s so nice to have a community that’s going through what you’re going through (which is what I hope this blog is too!) so if you’d like to join my Facebook group, we’d love to have you!


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