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Get Hired: Sending a State of Union for Yourself

Get Hired: Sending a State of Union for Yourself

The first quarter of the year has a “newness” about it -- it seems everyone is ready to shake off their old habits, jobs and anything that isn’t “lighting their soul on fire” for something new, fresh and engaging.

At the federal, state and city levels, we see our political leaders line out exactly what they’ll do in the year ahead to make more of your priorities, their priorities.

And you, my friend, can also use this approach to build a business or to take the next step on the career ladder.

I call these emails that I send two-four times a year “State of the Vix” emails. Why? Because they’ve always had to do with current projects (or Vixes) that I’ve been working on, things that have changed in my professional life and ways that I am looking to optimize my career.

When I worked for someone else, I used these emails to send a general update and then strategic updates to those in a position to hire me now, or in the future.

And guess what? It not only helped me grow my network, it did actually get me hired AND it has helped me find new clients and projects now that I’m on my own.

No one teaches you how to network in college. It’s a shame, but we really don’t learn this vital skill. That’s why I’m going to start sharing the skills I acquired to TRIPLE my salary in three years and launch a business in SIX WEEKS (and gain 300 new Instagram followers in five weeks by literally doing nothing more than posting once per day… but for that, you’ll have to click here).

It all starts with a State of the Union… of YOUR Union.

Ask any of my mentees and they’ll tell you that this is one tip that always changes their mindset when it comes to switching jobs or adding on a side-hustle.

First things first, gather your email addresses. Think about the business cards you shoved into your purse, backpack or desk drawer. Pull them out and separate them based on position and power.

Then, match them up with LinkedIn -- if someone has switched jobs, pull out their card for a special, personal email. If someone has moved up the ladder, pull them out for a separate, personal email.

At the end of it, you should have three groups:

Colleagues: People who are the same level as you are or maybe a step higher. People who are in your industry or industry-adjacent who may know of a lead or two and who would just be good business buddies.

Managers: These are people who can hire or outsource. Keep them in a separate group because you may, depending on your goals for this exercise, want to send personal messages to.

Exploration: These are people who aren’t in your current industry but would be good to have in your network for future collaborations or opportunities.

Sources: These are people you turn to for advice, thoughts, commentary and just general industry gossip. These are your go-to people when you need a lead on something hot, hot, hot.

Next, write out an email with a general update. Save the industry-specific updates for the Managers who should also get an example or two of what you’ve been up to -- WITH the results.

The mass email you send should be no more than 4-5 paragraphs with very specific and general updates. Close with a salutation aimed at connection -- something along the lines of “please do share what you’re up to so I can promote and support you as well!”

Send these around the beginning of a quarter or the second to third week of the new year. You never want to send it too close to a holiday or too soon after the end of a holiday period -- you want people to be happy with your check-in, not feel like it’s another email in their way of inbox zero.

For the people you pulled aside to send personal emails to, make sure these emails are full of detailed results and your true intentions for the year. If you’re looking for a job, say so. If you’d like a recommendation, be up front and ASK for it.

You miss every, single chance you don’t take -- so what are you waiting for?

What else do you want to learn about networking? Share your thoughts with me in the comments!

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