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Love Yourself: Celebrating All the Love You Have This Month

Love Yourself: Celebrating All the Love You Have This Month

Love comes into our lives in many ways. What we do with it and how we recognize it is up to us.


Love will keep us together.

Love is for the birds.

Love is the one thing that will never change.

Love is the only thing that ever changes.

All of the above statements about love have been true for me at one point or another in my life. It doesn’t make any of them right or wrong, it just is.

February is filled with moments where you can savor the love, and, quite frankly, you should be able to do that every month but I think we’re more inclined to see it in February, when the stores are filled with chocolates and cards.

What if you’re single? Well, I’ve been single for the last 9 Valentine’s Days and I can tell you, it’s always an interesting set of emotions. This year, I decided to do something special — I decided to take myself on vacation.

It was glorious! I went away overnight to Montauk, took myself to dinner and enjoyed a relaxing evening. As I did that, I let my brain ponder what self-love means now, as an adult.

In College, I often struggled to define what love meant to me. My college relationship wasn’t as loving as it could have been but we were kids and really, as I’ve learned, it’s hard to be in love with someone else if you’re not in love with yourself.

That realization led me to do little things for myself each week to really remind myself that I am loved, for all of my flaws and flawlessness.

Want to know the secret? Just. Do. It.

Yes, Nike often inspires me because it IS so simple. A piece of chocolate, an afternoon latte, a winter walk without your phone, a sunrise on the beach.

The older I’ve gotten, I’ve started finding bigger ways once per quarter to shower myself with love and it makes me more successful, focused and happy.

Happiness is a floating, fleeting feeling and it’s important to take the times you feel and make them last. It’s not a destination, but merely a passenger on your ride.

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