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Montauk Travel Guide: A Weekend of Wellness

Montauk Travel Guide: A Weekend of Wellness

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Montauk is one of my favorite places in the whole world. I mean… can you even with this sunrise?


The sunrises are spectacular, golden hour is downright gorgeous and everything about this place says PEACE to me. They’ve got a SoulCycle studio and a Tacombi. Beaches, spas and salt air to calm YOU. Everything you need, at the edge of the sea.

In 2017, I made it out to Montauk three times. Once for Super Bowl weekend in February (cold, but awesome), once for the Fourth of July (crowded but awesome) and once for a full week in August (the best time to go, despite the crazy sea!).

Every time I go, I come back feeling refreshed, recharged and ready for action.

Here are my recommendations for a Weekend of Wellness in Montauk, something you can do solo or with friends!

When to Go

If you come in on Friday night, grab dinner at Gosman’s, Navy Beach or Duryea’s. They all have EPIC views of the sunset, delicious wine and some great seafood.

Where to Stay

Montauk Beach House is great if you want to be in town and Gurney’s is great for a romantic/self-care getaway. If it’s the summer, there’s no place I’d rather be than in the center of town and I recently rented a condo which is THE best way to go there. Born Free Suites was a solid solution and was easily booked through Booking.com.

What to Do

A weekend of wellness doesn’t mean a weekend without fun!! It means drinking all of the summer water you can and then sweating it out in the best way possible.

One thing to remember is that MOST coffee shops don’t open until 8am. Get on the beach in the 5am hour for the MOST glorious sunrises and then take some time to sit with the seagulls and set your intentions before you get your java fix.

SoulCycle: This is a must. If you only know ONE thing about me, you know I am SOULobsessed. The SoulCycle Studio in Montauk is the perfect beach location and has a ton of classes in the summer. The studio closes for the winter, but there are still other places to get your sweat on.

Yoga: If you’ve got a car, take the trip to Amagansett for Mandala Yoga Center on Sundays. Their Sunday class is one of the most incredible -- live music, a loving community… and super close to Wölffer Kitchen. That’s the best way to head back West to the City once you’ve had a weekend of fun. BLove Yoga is also right in town next to Left Hand Coffee and is a great place for a quick practice.

Hydrate: Montauk Juice Factory is one of my new favorites -- their Merbabe water is LEGIT -- and I love their shop right in town. It’s perfect to keep me on a healthy track AND stay hydrated with a little flair.

#VixDoesMontauk Staple: Joni’s. I could literally eat at Joni’s every. single. day. and never get bored. It’s gluten-free, dairy-free and gorgeously green. I love, love, love following Joni’s on Instagram too… to get my Montauk fix through the long, cold winter.

Have you been to Montauk? Share your photos and recs with me! There are TONS of places to go… and I’ll tackle those in another post when the frost really hits and I’m dreaming of summer water at Surf Lodge and late nights on the Beach.

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