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My Week with Ringly

Over the past week, I’ve worn the Ringly bracelet to SoulCycle, in the shower and to sleep. Now, I’m sharing the good, the bad and things to think about with you before you purchase one.

Ringly is a wearable tech company -- their rings and bracelets are gorgeous and can be synced to your phone for tailored notifications and to track your activity.

Ever since Kate Spade came out with the heart cover for the FitBit, I’ve been into wearable tech. The silicone, however, was not my thing. Why? It broke, it stretched and it didn’t always go with what I was wearing. I love watches, but the Apple Watch also didn’t have a band that called to me. I liked a loose, bracelet-like band -- which is what attracted me to the Ringly in the first place.

I’ve always been into tech, but lately, I find myself more attracted to tech solutions for your everyday needs. Amazon’s Alexa is a great way to get a hands-free update every morning. Technology is creating a way for us to be connected without consumed and I’m digging it.

Ringly is the same type of tool. It allows you to leave your phone in your purse but still be notified in case of an emergency.

My favorite part about the Ringly bracelet is that it is not only stylish but truly functional -- you can have notifications come in for ALL text messages or only for interactions from a VIP list you can color-code.

All in all, if you’re looking for a way to detach without disconnecting, this device is for you.


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