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Newbies in Different Communities: 3 Ways to Deal So You Can Up-Level

Newbies in Different Communities: 3 Ways to Deal So You Can Up-Level

I’ve been the New Kid over a dozen times.

As a kid, I didn’t realize that it was a pattern and I often hated it. It made me feel… different. When you’re a kid, you want to be liked and fit in. And the kid inside of each one of us STILL wants that… which is how I came up with the inspiration for this blog.

I’ve been managing digital brands for over a decade and have been side-hustling for just about as long… but I’ve only been an entrepreneur for just shy of 2 years.

And the online entrepreneur community in Facebook groups? Well, that I had some bad luck with, took a break and returned just in January of this year. So that’s REALLY new.

Why do you care about this story?

Because everyone, at some point, is a newbie in a different community. The tactics you’re using, the services you’re selling may be the same, but the community you’re trying to reach IS new. And that requires an evaluation of tactics, strategies and execution.

 Social Media is a place where we’re constantly being the newbie. We’re constantly learning to be comfortably uncomfortable in owning who we are, what we know and what service we can provide. 

And even if it is not as acute as a physical feeling, it is still there… a subconscious feeling that can, sometimes, hold you back from reaching your full potential.

What Can You Do About It? 

You can get fierce.

Fierce strength isn’t always loud or in your face, sometimes it is a quiet calm that we can appreciate for however long it lasts.

You can also try these foolproof ways I’ve been using since second grade:

Perfect Your Elevator Pitch

The biggest lesson I’ve learned as a fempreneur is to have a great elevator pitch. As a cub reporter, I learned how ask the best questions, first. It’s the same thing with an elevator pitch. It should include: who you serve, why you do it and what makes you an expert. Practice flipping the “what makes you an expert” piece at the beginning and end to see what kind of reaction you get. 

Ask Questions

I’ve said this a dozen times, in a million different ways -- if you’re unsure of what your community wants when it comes to your content, ASK THEM! If you’re new to a community, the same thing goes. I perfected this one on many first day's lunches -- ask people if you can sit with them. Most times, people will surprise you and say yes. If you think of social media as a party or a giant lunchroom, you’ll probably have some middle school/high school PTSD -- and that’s OK because it should also trigger the good times. The times that came AFTER you found your tribe. Fight through to make THOSE memories in the digital space too. 

Accept What You Cannot Change

I struggle with this one to this day. I want to save everyone from being taken advantage of. The Web is kind of like a traveling Vaudeville show. Everyone is selling a bit of “Dr. Good” and promising a cure… those expectations are often unrealistic and unfair. You can’t expect to have the same result from Facebook ads that have a budget of $500 a day when your Facebook ads budget is only $20 a day. COULD it happen? Of course. Is it a guarantee? Hell, no. And for anyone to promise you otherwise is egregious (one of my favorite words).

But I cannot be the Wonder Woman of social media. I cannot fight every, single Ares I come across. What I CAN do is make sure that I am educating (through my Dominate Digital Media Blog), sharing (on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) and helping people in my Facebook Group who have questions. That’s what I CAN do.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, figure out what “blinders” will help YOU stay on YOUR journey… the little bit of good you’re doing? To someone, that could completely change their whole business and world… and that is what it means to serve.

All in all, being a newbie in a different community is a GOOD thing. It pushes us past our limits and makes us think about how we can move forward. I often get frustrated and cranky before I move to the next level (or uplevel, the current buzzword in the entrepreneur community!) and I’ve come to learn that is A-OK -- because on the other side of that frustration? Everything I’ve ever wanted.

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