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NYC In a Weekend: The West Side

NYC In a Weekend: The West Side

I can’t imagine ONLY having two days to spend with the City I love most (the City, I’ve called my Boyfriend from time to time) but if I did only have two days to spend on the West Side, these are the places I’d go.

I’m a millennial interested in excellent experiences, awesome #InstaViews and great stories -- that’s the mindset behind these picks. Are there dozens of other places I could have included? Hell, yes! But I went with what I thought tourists would most enjoy -- a bit of residential, NYC-native stuff mixed with good, old-fashioned tourist haunts.

I’ve also made a handy Google map so you can view this on the go!!

Start: Columbus Circle

Most people who come to stay in NYC will stay near here, especially if they're looking for a more "residential" stay. We'll explore the Times Square Weekend trip at a later date, but for now, let's start here.

Stop 1: The Loeb Boathouse

Great for #InstaViews, perfect for a stroll through the park and a great place to stop for a cocktail and also does a decent brunch. Pricey but decent if you’re looking for a scenic place to take it all in. 

Stop 2: Sheep Meadow

Also known as the “urban beach,” this is the PERFECT spot to people watch, you'll feel like you're actually in a snow globe of NYC. 

Stop 3: The Smith on Broadway

Step out of the park and walk to Broadway for some people watching and a great view of Lincoln Center. Eat outside to maximize your chances of spotting a celeb or two, the West Side is FULL of them! #westsidebestside

Stop 4: The High Line

Hop in the subway and take the 2,3 downtown (check the schedule on the weekends, you might need to take the 1 local!). Best bet is to enter here and then walk down, making some stops along the way!

Stop 5: Graffiti Wall in Chelsea

Walk down from The High Line and over one block. At the time of writing this article, this graffiti wall was still here! There are many walls like this downtown, on the East and West side, so take some time to stroll and find YOUR favorite.

Stop 6: Chelsea Market

You're probably hungry now, the perfect time to stop for lunch. Chelsea Market is a mall of sorts and has everything you need. If you want a formal option for a sit-down lunch, that's the next stop, which can also be swapped out as an afternoon drinks stop. 

Stop 7: SoulCycle HQ

NYC-ers like to work hard and play hard, SoulCycle is the perfect afternoon stop. There are MANY uptown as well, if you'd like to start your day with some Soul.

Stop 8: Grand Banks for Sunsets

This is an actual bar, on a boat in the middle of Pier 25. There's also frying pan if this one is crowded. 

Stop 9: Bubby’s

If Grand Banks is too crowded or gets cold, this is a great, cute spot to keep the party going.

Stop 10: Catch

Perfect for afternoon drinks or dinner, Catch is a great place to be seen. They have great gluten-free options too!

Stop 11: Scarpetta

If you're looking for gluten-free pasta or more hearty fare, this is the place to go!

BONUS THE Sunday Brunch: Bagatelle

One of my favorite Sunday Brunches in the City, it's definitely not bottomless but is is something you have to experience at least once.

Stay tuned for The Times Square Weekend, Midtown Manhattan in a Weekend, The best #InstaFamous Spots in NYC, The Best Rooftops, NYC in a Weekend: The East Side and more from this series!!

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