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Randi Zuckerberg Says Entrepreneurs Can Only Have 3 of These… And I Disagree (Here’s Why)

Randi Zuckerberg Says Entrepreneurs Can Only Have 3 of These… And I Disagree (Here’s Why)

In this article, INC referenced this tweet from Randi Zuckerberg (yes, sister to Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook), from 2011.

I’m going to get really real with you today and share with this is complete BS and how you can actually have everything you want, and more.

Work, sleep, family, fitness, or friends--pick three

Life is a balancing act. And if more of us admitted that, we’d all be in a better place. FOMO wouldn’t exist, Hugge would be something we’d consider on our own without the assistance of listicle after listicle telling us to “slow down” but, also, to hustle.

So, which is it? Should we be hustling like a MoFo or should we be zen AF?

Why do we have to choose?

Having 6 jobs in 5 years definitely didn’t leave a lot of time for relationships in my early 20s, but it did allow me to create the freedom in my career that I craved, thereby making me a more well-rounded human being for when my version of Mr. Big knocks on my cab door.

Have I had to choose three (or two, or one) at different points in my career? YES, but that doesn’t mean it was a constant cycle.

We’re constantly told you can have it all but not all at once, or that if you have it all at work, you can’t have it all at home.

I’m here to call BS on this notion… and I’m going tell you exactly how I do it.

Since 2013, I’ve gone to SoulCycle 2-4 times a week in the earliest hours of the morning. I’ve gone there hungover, still tipsy and half dead. Are those my favorite rides? No, but I didn’t have to sacrifice fitness in favor of the night I had with friends that wrapped hours before class.

Fitness is something I schedule with myself in advance and something I refuse to miss. I am not saying I don’t take a day or two off a week, or three if I have a really crazy one, but I am saying that I always go at least four days.

How do I make that happen?


The weekends, when you want more than a regular 9-5, 10-6 or 8-7, are days for segmented moments of rest, fun and #werk.

When I first started working in Manhattan at ABC, I felt like my life was no longer in my control. I was running from to-do item to to-do item without much time for anything more than a protein bar in between (to this day, I will not eat protein bars because I ate them for breakfast and lunch for a year straight).

And then I said, what kind of life is this? What good is monetary success if I can’t enjoy it with anyone or even if I can’t savor the moments myself?

I started making goals by the week, by the month and then, when I took the leap to become an entrepreneur, by quarter.

Then I got really crafty and created my system of working that I use to this day.

Here’s how you can pick all of those five, or, at the very least, more than three if it is what makes YOU happy.

Treat Yourself Like a Project or Client

In February, I shared “Why it Pays to Treat Yourself Like a Client” on my business blog and it came after two months of actually doing the work instead of just providing tips to my audience.

How did it pay off for me? I was able to have a go-to packet and website pages to send to prospective clients which completely alleviated the stress around finding time to pitch new business.

I also was able to determine the right number of hours for my personal brand and for the business brand per week and actually use them. I stopped catching 5 minutes on the subway for my social and started planning out the content.

The Results? In the first quarter of the year:

  • My email list increased by 32% - organically
  • Instagram is up 50% in followers
  • Twitter is up 20%

AND, best of all, the content is better so they audience I’m building is one that is ready to activate.

Your Calendar is Sacred

Open up your Google calendar. Create a separate calendar for all of the things you do. If you’re an entrepreneur, create ONE calendar for your business and put all client work in there.

As you block time, actually track your time to see how you’re using the blocks you built for yourself.

Create a calendar called Exercise and Self Care -- and actually use them. When I first started this exercise, I even used to put in a little note about how I felt overall after the day was over.

Busy is Not the Proper Response

The glorification of busy is bullshit. I am so over it! We say we’re busy instead of saying what we’re actually doing. Of course, no one needs to know what you’re actually doing but USING the word busy for “downtime” or just time needed to do laundry is what’s screwing with all of us! Think about it, imagine a world where you could legit block time to cook, clean and do laundry? AND NOT FEEL GUILTY ABOUT IT! Because you are, legitimately, BUSY. And that is not an excuse.

No Means No… And Sometimes, It Means NAP

The proper response for when you don’t want to commit to something is no. And then you have to think about WHY you’re pulling back AND if that feels good for you.

Some days, you do need to say no to those drinks to nap. And other days, you need to suck it up and say yes because by saying yes, you could have access to an opportunity that could be good for one or more areas of your life.

It is about actually blocking the time to accomplish ALL of your goals -- and one of those goals should always be proper sleep.

Grace, Patience and Gratitude

And when the week blows up and you have to actually completely change around everything you planned? Or when you only get 2 posts out for your brand instead of 10 but bring on new clients and expand your opportunities in the same week?
Then you practice grace, patience and gratitude.

Grace for understanding that you are human who IS balancing things.

Patience for how you have to balance things -- and understanding that saying no is sometimes saying yes and sometimes, you do have to suck it up.

Gratitude for all of the CHOICE you have to make every priority in your life a level 1.

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