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Seven Things I’m Going to do To Survive My Saturn Return

Seven Things I’m Going to do To Survive My Saturn Return

Astrology is something I take very seriously. Ok… maybe not VERY seriously but I do believe in the woo woo.

That’s what online entrepreneurs call it when they get into manifestation, mantras and meditation. As with everything in my life, I take what I like and leave what I don’t… but the AstroTwins are my girls when it comes to celestial happenings.

As one does when they feel… stuck, I was on Facebook looking for the meaning of life. Randomly, something popped into my feed that made me jump onto Google and search for Saturn’s Return.

Of course, the AstroTwins had a WHOLE BLOG ON IT! (Click here to read it). When I read this in April, a month before my 29th birthday, I was totally hooked. I have been feeling all kinds of cray and now, finally, I’ve got the answer I was searching for.

As a problem solver, once I have an explanation for WHY something is the way it is, I immediately begin to look for HOW and WHAT I will do to find the workaround, the lifehack, the Vix.

Here are the seven ways I plan to ride out my Saturn Return:


If you didn’t think this was going to be my first one, you clearly aren’t following me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (and you should because I do really cool things and always take you along for the ride… like that time I went bowling in the White House and shared tips, tricks and hacks with journalists in Canada on YouTube, YouTube Live and more).

SoulCycle, to me, is so much more than a workout class. It’s the place I can truly be myself, without judgement, without fear, without hiding. I spend a lot of time in the spotlight but that doesn’t mean I’m always being the real me. That’s something you learn when you start your own business before 30 (and yes, my Saturn Return predicted that too!).


I have tried -- and failed -- to get my meditation going on a daily basis. Coming from an intense background of Hot Yoga, I enjoy a good moving meditation. So sitting on the couch without moving for 10 minutes really isn’t my style. Headspace is definitely a great app if you’re trying to do traditional meditation. It taught me how to slow down and calm myself and then I gave it a little Vix -- I feel my best when I’m walking along Riverside Drive with Fiona, so I think I’ll stick to doing more of this as my Saturn Return rolls through.

Clear Out the Clutter

In August of 2016, I moved into a “big girl” apartment. I did A LOT of purging and now, almost a year later, I’m finally feeling settled into this space. And that means it’s time for another purge. You don’t have to go all Kondo but you definitely can (and, by my book, should) find ways to make your space feel more “you.” It can be as simply as throwing out sold old towels or donating clothes that are no longer your style. I want everything in my home to make me smile and that starts with a good clean out.


Work hard, play hard. We say it, we hashtag it, we scream it in Instagram videos but do we really, truly do it? I’m committing to one day of FUN per week this summer and then will reevaluate how I feel come fall. We can play hard AND work hard, we just need to plan hard to make it happen.

Nourish My Soul

SoulCycle is one of the ways I do this but I am also going to be very intentional about what I read, listen to and eat. I’m trying to get better about meal prep and about staying on top of my weekly schedule. It’s not always easy and being kind to myself is one of the seven ways I’m going to survive this Saturn Return, but it also requires a solid plan. My business requires that I stay connected to all of the social media things for many different brands and clients -- and it can be challenging to build a calendar that supports that as well as finding time to promote my own content and brand but it is not impossible. For me, it’s about having an adult temper tantrum and then letting it go and getting down to business.

Be Kind, Rewind

Remember Blockbuster? I’ll never forget this phrase and, for this Saturn Return, I’m going to consider “rewind” as a tbt of sorts. Reconnecting with the things that I love to do in the summer is a huge part of my plan for the next few months. In New York, we tend to hibernate through the winter months and then, when spring rolls into summer, we want to do ALL OF THE THINGS. I’m going to enjoy every, single moment of summer.


Being kind is, as I mentioned, one of the many things I’m going to do to survive this Saturn Return and that requires letting the guilt go. I am going to do it by using my mantras for success on a daily basis. Seeing them near my desk is not the same as reading them and this is going to be an active survival process! You can do all of the things and have all of the things but you can’t do them all at once -- AND THAT IS OK!!!! You are doing the best you can and I am sure that is pretty damn awesome.

Let’s kick Saturn’s butt together, right? If you’ve got some tips for me, please comment or connect with me on social media, I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts!

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