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The Road to 500: #VixDoesNYC

The Road to 500: #VixDoesNYC

It all started on a hot summer Friday in 2012.

I had heard about SoulCycle on Sirius XM’s Wake Up with Taylor and had seriously considered driving an hour to the new Roslyn studio when I was still living on Long Island.

But on a Friday in April of 2012, all of that changed.

On one of my favorite Fridays, Friday the 13th, I interviewed for a job at ABC. It was THE job. The job I never knew I wanted but couldn’t wait to have once I knew about it.

The day after my 24th birthday, I had the job and a few weeks later, I made the decision to leave Long Island and move home, to Staten Island, to save up and find an apartment in the City I loved more than ANYTHING.

THE job was Digital Producer at Live with Kelly and I loved everything about it.

The staff was incredible, the job was star-studded and the location couldn’t be beat.

And then, the girls asked me to go to SoulCycle with them on a Friday. I had already experienced the magic that is Equinox’s showers and eucalyptus sauna (because I was living at home and NEEDED a gym with a good shower) but I hadn’t tackled SoulCycle.

I was actually having a really hard time at this point because, as much as I loved my new job, I missed living on my own, having a routine and having a workout studio to call home.

Enter SoulCycle.

I clipped in on that hot July Friday and was instantly hooked.

The first thing I did, after my Equinox shower of dreams, was work on a budget that would allow me to go once a week. It’s pricey but I knew the investment in myself would be worth it.

I vowed to take on as many freelance projects as I could and fight for #alloftheraises so I could go to more classes and more classes and more classes.

By the next winter, I was riding rooster classes once a week and also fitting in a Saturday class. I was getting classes for holidays, birthdays and whenever I turned in my change.

I ended 2013 with my first 90-minute reSOULution ride; at the end of 2016, I rode double reSOULution rides to ring in 2017.

I’ve done four 5:15am 90-minute challenges. More Soul Survivors than I can count. And I’ve ridden in Miami, Palo Alto, LA (Beverly HIlls to be specific!), East Hampton, Montauk, Washington, DC, Philly and all over Manhattan.

Today’s 500th ride -- a double because, at this point, why the hell not! -- was a very special one.

You see, not much has changed for me when it comes to SoulCycle. As I made more money, I rode more, of course, but that just made me more determined to keep making more money. And when the time came to start CreatiVIx Media, I took that leap, knowing that the dark room with the candles would support me in the darkest days.

And it did. It helped me solve problems, soothe my wounds and prepare for the daily battles of being a young, female entrepreneur in the big, bad City.

It got me over bad nights, kept me grounded after great ones and helped me realize that there was nothing I couldn’t handle with a beat and a bike.

And then I hit a really, really bad patch. Soul was still there, pushing me forward. I was making the same amount of money but emotionally, there was something missing.

It was in that room that I decided to open my heart to Fiona. To take another leap.

Finally, in the summer of 2016, I decided to make an even bigger change -- and move out of my cozy UES junior one bedroom to a deluxe apartment on the West Side.

I was scared out of my mind.

Could I afford it? Would I like the neighborhood? Would I be as comfortable there? How would I get back to E63 for my SoulCycle classes?

Shortly after I decided to make the move, I visited a friend in East Hampton and she signed us up for Rique and Julie D. Of course, if you ride in Manhattan, you KNOW Rique. You know all of the Master Instructors and Senior Master Instructors (and I’ve had the pleasure of riding with most of them!). It was a great class but he mostly teaches on the East Side so I knew getting attached to him would mean a trek.

And then I took Julie D’s class. She was so sweet! I loved her energy, her vibe and her playlist. Because, at Soul, it’s ALL about the beats.

She reminded me of Emily T and I was hooked!

I still travel for my East Side teachers and have fallen head-over-heels with the studio at W92nd street.

Because no matter who is on the podium, the room is always filled with light, love, laughter and determination.

Just the right balance to help me continue to soar.

So thank you, SoulCycle, for making me realize my dreams and, most importantly, for making me keep on fighting to rebuild the bucket list each and every class.

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