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This One Thing Will Make You Incredibly Successful in All Areas of Your Life

This One Thing Will Make You Incredibly Successful in All Areas of Your Life


We encourage it, we seek it, we fuel it. But do we really hear it?

Being able to have an honest discourse without personal attacks is an art that may, at times, seem to be lost in today’s digital world. It is very, very easy to fire something off quickly when you are frustrated or hurt, or if you feel you’ve been personally wronged by a person or brand.

Education is the key to continued growth, but how can we do that without having honest and open discussions about products, events, ideas or personal points of view?

This isn’t just about politics, although this IS what inspired this post. I am a digital native and I don’t just do social media for a business, I eat, sleep and breathe social media for me, because I am passionate about the future of sharing, about the future of information and about the future of education. So it would be natural that I’d feel a certain kind of pressure to share or not to share.

And I’m sure you’ve felt that pressure too.

But how do you deal with it? When you’re an influencer, the attacks feel personal because they are personal -- someone is disagreeing what you personally have to say about a subject or topic. That can feel uncomfortable. And in today’s world of curated media, it feels really bad too. Words are powerful and while articles, emails and posts truly shouldn’t have emotions, they do. We are connected more than we ever have been… and many, many areas of our lives hinge on a digital device -- from dating to networking, we use our devices for every kind of pleasure you can imagine. We use it for validation and when we don’t get that validation, we can become depressed.

FOMO is a term that was developed to describe the above scenario and it is what causes us to feel this way, or at least, that is MY interpretation of it.

How do we deal with these feelings?

One way to feel better about what happens online is to see it as constructive criticism that you can choose to evaluate and review. You do not have to take things said to you personally as gospel. You can make it personal without taking it personally.

This is HARD AF.

Seriously. This is NOT easy and even I, a former journalist, struggle with this.

Sometimes, it makes me better -- in terms of double-checking my work or finding new ways to be more efficient so that I have time to review content before I share it.

Other times, the feedback isn’t about HOW I did something but that I did it in the first place.

And every, single person is entitled to their feelings and comments.

Every, single one.

But I (and you!) are also entitled to listen to it and take it personally or to allow the comment to be reviewed without any emotion.

This is something I learned in Yoga and it is something I work on daily in meditation.

Sometimes, the feedback is worth your time. It is worth taking a piece or pieces of it to move forward with a new lesson. Lessons and education don’t stop when you graduate -- and I think the Web has made this more accessible and needed than ever before.

If you’re really struggling with this, I would advise talking to a therapist (and I have a great one for you; bonus points, she’s not even MY therapist, just a great friend) and learning how to determine what serves you and your journey and what doesn’t.

And for what doesn’t? Let that ish go like the Tamagotchi -- it took up way too much time and yielded wayyyy too little for it.


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