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Three Things I Do Each Day to Make Multiple Six-Figures in My Business

Three Things I Do Each Day to Make Multiple Six-Figures in My Business

I’m betting the reason you’re here is because the title of this blog contains the words “multiple six-figures” -- and that’s ok. You know what else is ok? If you read that and wanted to cringe at the thought of the work that goes into having a business like this. It’s also ok if you read that and thought “I never want to do that in my life and she’s tacky for talking about it.”

It is all ok.

To me, money is security, power and an ability to justify all of the moves I made in my journey to this moment in time. I have no regrets for the last decade of my life, but I have learned a LOT of lessons and, sometimes, wish some of those lessons didn’t have to be so damn hard!

The one constant? My daily practice. Each day, I read my horoscope from the AstroTwins, check my past social shares on TimeHop and listen to the Vibe of the Day before rolling into my physical routine. These three things set me up for a successful transition from morning to night and help me stay grounded through whatever comes my way. 

This practice began six years ago when I took my first hot yoga class. The moment I could drive, I joined a gym, hired a personal trainer and transformed my life. Exercise is not for everyone but for me? My life was forever changed the moment I started. It has evolved, changed and shifted over the years but the more I stick to this plan, the more successful I am in every area of my life.

If you don’t know by now, I’m a 29-year-old fempreneur. I launched my digital marketing agency, CreatiVix Media, at the ripe old age of 27 after spending 5 years working in television in New York City. I wear that as a badge of honor, that I spent my entire career in New York City, the land of my heart and, at times, the most consistent and supportive relationship in my life. In the last few months, I’ve also leaned into something I’ve been doing since I’m 5 -- and that is coaching others through challenging times and finding solutions, workarounds, #VixFixes for their challenges on their terms.

These three things allowed me to:

  1. Get hired as a Digital Producer at a National Talk Show - without any talk show experience, at 24 years old

  2. Secure 6-figures worth of contracts and business in 6 weeks - enough to quit my job and launch my company

  3. To make over $20K per month, consistently - without even thinking about how I would get there

As you can see, these three things are pretty damn powerful. And they all came out of my three non-negotiables. Your three might be different but the point here is that by looking at things from this pared-down approach, it is pretty easy to own your success and find new ways to make it a habit instead of a flash-in-the-pan.

Daily Practice Item 1: Early Start

As I have written about routines for much of my career, I have a lot of data on the subject! The benefits of waking up early every day have been catalogued by countless experts, outlets and more -- it’s all about being consistent with it that really makes the results stick. I like to start my morning at 5:25am with my first alarm. I was actually able to stick to this practice by getting a dog. Fiona, my impossibly adorable French Bulldog, gets her first walk at this time and it helps us both stay consistent with our training. This is especially true in the winter when even natural early birds like me prefer to hit the snooze a time or two.

Tip to Make it Stick: Take a vacation and stop setting your alarm. We all have vacation days to use and your whole life will not blow up if you use them, I promise (and have the experience to prove it). By the third or fourth day of your vacation, you will be able to naturally reset your clock and determine what time FEELS good for you to wake up. Your definition of early might not be my definition and that is all ok -- it’s about making it work for your life and your body, on your schedule.

Daily Practice Item 2: Clearing the Mind

Meditation. Prayer. Mantras. Whatever you call it, using a bit of time in the morning to clear your mind of anything left over from your dreams before you jump into your calendar is essential to success. I have done this on my drives to work, when I commuted via the subway but once I started working for myself? I found this was the hardest practice to be consistent about because my desk was RIGHT THERE, calling my name. My employees and clients needed answers and I deserved to give them to them as quickly as possible. At least, that’s what I thought. But as I practiced and found calm in the consistency of it, I found that I gave better support when I had this brain space for myself each and every day. My meditation is one of motion and it has taken me almost a year to decide for myself that it is perfectly ok for that to be how I clear my mind. Yours might be a little different or completely the same. Whatever it is, in its imperfectly perfect beauty? It is your unique success story and it deserves to be part of the narrative of your life.

Tip to Make it Stick: Headspace actually helped me make this one stick. I don’t use the app anymore but the game of it made it something I actually wanted to do. I was also very vocal about doing it -- keeping myself honest through the sharing of the practice is something I do with all three of these elements and it makes it SO damn powerful. I also listen to freevibeoftheday.com every day to get a sense of the energy of the day. This woo may be too much for you, but if you’re interested in leaning into that, you can also check out my daily mantras on Facebook and Instagram -- it is a powerful thing to ask the Universe for what you want and even more powerful to hold yourself accountable to the public for asking for it!

Daily Practice Item 3: Make Your Bed… and Move Your Body!

Every, single day, I make my bed. Every, single day. When I’m on vacation, I even fold over the sheets before housekeeping comes. I often do this before I go to the gym, but sometimes, I’ll do it after. No matter what, before I have breakfast, my bedroom is in the shape it belongs in. I feel having a made bed is a big part of my success -- and there is research to substantiate this! -- but for you, it might not be the bed, it might be the living room or kitchen. Pick one room of your home and declare that it must be put together correctly before you begin work for the day. This allows you to check off one massive to-do before you even get in to your list of things for the day, giving you the confidence to stay clear as your mind moves from task to task. Which is also why I like to move my body. Getting my heartbeat up before daybreak is something I’ve always done but this may not be what it looks like for you, but it could be as simple as a walk around the block or taking your pup to the park.

Tip to Make it Stick: Be kind to yourself! Doing this consistently, even if it’s not every day, makes a huge difference in giving you the space to create, to connect and to move forward on your unique success story. Pick one or two days to walk your dog or take a solo walk around your neighborhood, another to walk to your favorite coffee shop.

The power of three is real and it is something I use in all areas of my life, career and business to succeed. It is part of the work I do with my clients and it is part of the work I do on myself to allow me to move forward and accomplish all of my goals.

Life is too short to hold yourself back -- find a routine that works for you and stick to it!

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