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Using Your Digital Influence for Good: A Quick 3 Step Guide

Using Your Digital Influence for Good: A Quick 3 Step Guide

If we haven’t met, I’m Victoria but everyone calls me Vix because I have the FIX for every digital need. You can learn more about my personal story in my official bio and LinkedIn and, of course, you can follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. (And if you’re on Snapchat, it’s just vixinthecity there too!)

If we have met -- or if you just checked out all of those links -- you’ll know that I am pretty outspoken when it comes to my beliefs, why I participate in the demonstrations I participate in and that I am a fierce feminist committed to equality for all.

My brand is built on an ethical foundation -- I will not write copy I don’t believe in, I will not delete comments for clients (unless the troll is QUITE abusive or seems to have nefarious motives) and I will not publish false statements.

As a content creator -- for my brand and for the clients of CreatiVix Media -- I have a large audience to consider when sharing content. Most of my clients’ brands reach over 500K per day -- and that’s just on Facebook (yes, that’s organic reach and yes, it isn’t dead if you know what you’re doing).

With great power comes great responsibility and every brand -- from ones with 100 followers to those with 100 million -- has a RESPONSIBILITY to think before they press send, something that isn’t the focus these days.

So what can YOU do to create real change in your community, in your tribe?

You can think before you tweet, pause before you comment and consider before you share. You can write about the topics you’re passionate about without losing followers (another guide to that here) and you can be political without losing business.

You see, we’re in a unique time and place. If you don’t speak out against injustice… if you don’t actually step up to the “if that happened when I was alive, I wouldn’t have stood for it” comment that so often crosses our lips when we read about the horrors of the past… if you don’t do those things, your silence is an agreement of the position of others.

Your silence is violence and that is the most deadly brand sin of all time.

There are a few things to consider when you’re doing this, of course, and you want to make sure you’re considering these before you go on a sharing spree.

It’s Not About You

Using your voice for good is not about you. It’s not about your brand, it’s not about how your audience will react.

Except, it has everything to do with you, your audience and your brand values.

Confused? It’s ok.

To break it down, I’m going to use one of my favorite SoulCycle mantras -- make it personal without taking it personally.

Horrified by a recent tragedy? Offer your audience a chance to donate, share proof of that donation to the cause and give out a freebie for their participation. This was recently executed flawlessly by Kate Crocco and it is something I highly recommend.

Additionally, you can share a personal story to offer insight, connection and edutainment -- education entertainment -- to your audience about an issue near and dear to your heart without preaching about why they SHOULD do anything about it. Shoulds are bullshit and I am working to banish them so this piece isn’t about what you SHOULD do, it is merely about what you COULD do if you feel called to do so.

Don’t Capitalize on Tragedy, Ever

Do not, I repeat, do not ever offer a “deal” around a tragedy. Hurricane Harvey is on my mind and in the news as I write this -- it would be highly insensitive to offer a “sweeping” discount or to promote content around “travel to Texas.”

It also would be highly insensitive to offer a “fire sale” using a hashtag around a wildfire.

It is ALSO very important to remember that using the hashtags being used by those who need to communicate with rescuers to offer prayers or support is not a good idea. Focus on finding the helpers who need to get information out and amplify their efforts.

Don’t Ignore It

The Golden Rule seems to be something a few celebs (cough Taylor Swift cough) could learn again… and again… and again.

I am a huge advocate of a content calendar plan (I even offer a FREE template to help you get on track with it) but it IS important to be aware of what’s happening in the world around you.

Building an audience means you’re understanding your tribe AND in today’s global world, you should also understand that everyone is not experiencing what YOU are experiencing right now in any capacity.

If you are on the ground at the scene of a tragedy, it is also important to remember this. Don’t use the tragedy to share gratuitous information, take the time to get the information to those who need it most.

Also, for more on this topic, watch this Facebook Live I did (in Montauk!) at the beginning of August.

If you’re looking for ways to navigate building a brand, understanding your brand values and creating content that converts, check out my 1:1 coaching packages here and learn more about the services I offer with my team through my boutique digital agency here.


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