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#VixDoesDating: Maybe We’re Mr. Big After All

#VixDoesDating: Maybe We’re Mr. Big After All

Sex and the City has nothing on New York City in 2017. It’s all swiping, tapping and badass bossing. That makes dating… complicated to say the least. But maybe, just maybe, we weren’t meant to see ourselves as one of the women, maybe we’ve become the one we were searching for.

Sex and the City. Will & Grace. Friends.

What’s one thing these have in common besides ridiculously large New York City apartments on shoestring budgets?

All of the main characters are in their 30s at some point in the show. And most of them? Are single in their 30s.

And this is a good thing.

I’ve spent my 20s learning who I am, what I want out of this life and how I’m going to change the world. We all have a legacy to build and it takes time to understand exactly what we want that to be.

That’s not to say I didn’t have fun on the ride, but I definitely focused more on the other balls in my various houses beyond the relationship ball.

That is one ball I’ve still got in the air.

I always tried to determine which character fit me best. And I often had a hard time identifying with the women, particularly on Sex and the City. I often felt I was a bit of each… with different personalities surfacing at different points in time.

Recently, a dear friend of mine and I went out for a night of martinis, mantras and male company -- we had a blast and found ourselves talking to two men who couldn’t be further from Mr. Big if they tried.

And that’s not to say that Mr. Big was perfect, he was far from it, but it seems the Mr. Bigs have flown the co-op, as Carrie would say, and we’re dealing with Treys, Bergers and Skippers. They’re either too unavailable, too needy or just too friendly. And there’s no fire in the sheets, which even mild-mannered Charlotte couldn’t handle (and no woman should settle for that, ever!).

As we were discussing the men we met on the cab ride home, I had the realization that maybe we, women of the Millennial Generation, are actually the Mr. Bigs we’ve been searching for all along.

We’re educated, well-paid, fierce AF and ready to tackle any obstacle in our path.

That’s not to say that the men are now the Carries, Samanthas, Charlottes and Mirandas, but maybe, just maybe, we’re looking for our true equals instead of someone who will try to one-up us at every turn.

How do you stay the course when the waves get rough in the sea of dating in New York City? I’d love to hear your thoughts -- @vixinthecity on Twitter to continue the conversation.

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