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#VixDoesFertility: Answers to Your (Hard) Questions

#VixDoesFertility: Answers to Your (Hard) Questions

“You’re the only person who has ever asked that question.” -- I get that a lot.

You see, I was trained to ask the hard questions. Trained to get to the bottom of the marketing jargon to understand the meat of the issue at hand.

And that, in this case, benefits Y O U. It benefits me, too, especially since I’m the one going through the cycle.

In case you missed it, I’m freezing my eggs so that I can decide when, where, how and with whom I start a family… on my terms. I’ve wanted to do this for five years but I let fear and misinformation hold me back.

The good news here is two-fold. I’m determined to normalize this procedure for ambitious women everywhere (because this is the one thing that levels the professional playing field) and the doctors at Extend Fertility said it wouldn’t make much of a difference if I did it at 23, 24 or 26… that 29 is still a great age to get this process started.

The Hard Questions

Money. Time. Health. These are the hard questions I had when I walked into the clinic where I would be freezing my eggs. Where I would be making the choice to extend my choices, on my terms. And I’ve got those answers for you, so you too can make the informed decisions you need. Best of all? Extend Fertility doesn’t require any payment for consultation sessions. And, if you’ve got insurance, you can even get the tests done before paying or committing, something that might help you do this sooner than later.

My Why

At 15 I said I would have a baby with or without a man at 30. As I am now 6-months away from 30-day, I can tell you I have absolutely no desire to have a child right now. I’ve got a very needy dog and that is quite enough for me. I have so much life to live… I don’t want to stop my progress. And I don’t have to. I have the choice to make the decisions I need for my reproductive health. Science has given us this chance, the only thing stopping us from taking it? Misinformation and fear-mongering. To which I say, bite me.

What Does it Cost?

Costs vary, dramatically. It is going to cost me $4500 + the cost of storing my eggs ($450 per year) + the cost of the medication to stimulate the egg production (roughly, another $4000).

How Much Time Does it Take?

It takes about 2 weeks + five days.

Can I exercise? Live my life in a normal way?

Yes and no. You can exercise until the fifth day of taking the medications and then you’ve got to slow things down. For me, that means no SoulCycle… which is probably going to be the hardest part of this and until my Cycle starts, I’ll be doubling it up and tapping back as if my mindset depends on it (because it so does). You can drink but within reason. You can go to work, have sex (with extra protection) and basically do what we do every, damn month -- continue to be normal humans through pain, bloat and anxiety.

Do the Shots Hurt? And When do I Start?

I can’t answer this one honestly yet… I haven’t started them! You start taking the shots on day 2 or 3 after your first day of full flow. It’s a little confusing but they’re super nice about it and all you have to do is email or call to let them know you’re at full flow to get things going.

What’s the Deal with Sex, Again?

Yes, you can have sex while doing this… but you definitely should use a barrier method of birth control. Seems like a great time for those of you in committed relationships to get your man to be a little supportive and practice his skills but ya know, I’m just saying. What you do in your bedroom is up to you.


According to the lovely people at Extend Fertility, you can use tampons until the (as I am calling it) Harvest. (They call it the egg retrieval.) That part of the process is, to me, the most “meh” but it only takes 15 minutes and we can do anything for 15 minutes!

What’s the Recovery Time?

Five days after the Harvest (or egg retrieval). No sex, no tampons, no SoulCycle. Letting your body reset naturally is key to this part of the process. I’ve planned to take the day off of the Harvest and the day after. Netflix and Chill… with some fabulous snacks. #treatyoself

Those are all of the hard questions I wanted to ask. Do you have some? Leave them in the comments and I’ll ask or answer them if it’s something I missed.

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