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In June 2015, I took on a freelance client for social media management. I'd dabbled in freelancing my whole career (it's actually what got me on TODAY) but this account felt different. It was rewarding, fun and allowed me to be truly creative. I was hooked. That month I took on four more clients and realized that the freelance income could actually be full-time income. And that was the day I decided that I'd be quitting my full-time job to launch a boutique social media agency catering to practical social media for clients, based on my decade of experience in journalism, magazine editorial, television, entertainment and brand social media management, content strategy and video production.

Six weeks later, on August 10, 2015, I launched CreatiVix Media. My team and I have been able to create massive results for clients and are so excited to be starting our third year of business. 

I recently created a video to showcase what, exactly, we do to create this and why I am so passionate about it. 

This year is all about treating myself like a client that that's where Vix in the City comes in! More on that in another video but if you're looking for social media marketing, websites, website content strategy, SEO, digital brand management and video production, we'd love to connect and see how we can work together! 

Learn more about the CreatiVix Media method in this video: 

Need a Go-to Business Look? Try the Jumpsuit!

Need a Go-to Business Look? Try the Jumpsuit!

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Podcast Feature: She's So Money