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5 Ways to Use Twitter to Get Yourself Noticed

It’s no secret ― social media is a powerful tool and can help you build your brand and get hired. It can also get you fired, but that’s a story for another post.

I’ve used Twitter to get noticed on more than one occasion, in fact, it’s the way I was able to appear as a guest on TODAY in 2011, without a publicist and without a reel.

How did I do that? Well, I tweeted, a lot. And no, I didn’t tweet what I was having for lunch or a slew of selfies.


College Ready on TODAY

The TODAY show segment featured Victoria Reitano and three other college experts on tips and tricks for College Students. Reitano and offered up some products fashionistas shouldn't be without this semester.


Turn Your Tweets into Cash - CBS

Great Day Washington on CBS featured Victoria "Vix" Reitano and her best digital tips to help you monetize your twitter account.